• CADEX offers a convenient way to always be on the perfect dosing schedule. Designed and built for those wanting an on-the-wrist solution, custom reminder messages allow for visual confirmation synced with each alarm. The messages are used to display each medication’s name and any additional dosing requirements prescribed such as “take with food” etc. It's a simple way to Live Healthier, Safer & Longer by always taking prescriptions, supplements and vitamins as prescribed.

    The one-press digital ICE (In Case of Emergency) read-out allows for your most vital information (your name, DOB, medical information, allergic reactions, emergency contact and insurance information) to be stored in the watch. This allows for quick referencing for proper medical treatment in the event of an accident and the best way for emergency personnel to view the contact information of your loved ones.

    Note: Do not wear while bathing.
    Note: Not suitable for Hearing Impaired.
    View Reminders for Hearing Impaired

    Be Smart. Be Safe.

    • Up to 12 daily auditory alarms
    • Large text display
    • Medical Snooze
      - Alarm sequence repeats every 3 minutes until dose is taken
    • Custom reminder message
      - Up to 36 characters
    • One-Press digital ICE read-out
      - Name
      - Date of birth
      - Medical information (diabetes, asthma, etc.)
      - Allergic reactions (bee sting, peanut oil, etc.)
      - Emergency contact name and phone
      - Insurance information
    • Used in clinical trials
      - Large scale trials throughout the United States
    • Batteries included
    • Usually ships next business day
    • 30 day money back & 1 year warranty
  • "The In-Case-of-Emergency feature is just incredible." Joan

    "Wow!" Beth

    "I'm 45, have multiple allergies and take 4 different prescriptions daily. This watch is exactly what I need to keep me safe." Marcus

By: RxPerfect


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