• SlidePro has been designed for those on a moderate to heavy prescription, over-the-counter and/or vitamin schedule with high-level complexity. The up to 37 daily auditory reminder with a “Missed Pill” indicator synergizes with a powerful weekly pill management system. The pill management system includes 7 independent pill organizers each with 4 separate compartments. Live your best life by never forgetting to take your prescriptions, supplements or vitamins again.

    Be Smart. Be Safe.

    • Up to 37 daily auditory alarms
    • 'Missed Pill' indicator
    • 7 independent pill boxes each with 4 compartments (Morning, Noon, Evening, Night)
    • Travel case for storage of reminder and the 7 included independent pill boxes
    • Medical ID cover card
    • Batteries included
    • Usually ships next business day
    • 30 day money back & 1 year warranty
  • "With my illness I have to take a lot of prescriptions. I also take supplements to make sure I’m getting all I need from a nutrition perspective since some of my meds make me a little nauseous and I don’t eat as much as I should. With the complexity of my med schedule this is the only system that truly takes care of me. The carrying case is great too even though I’m usually at home as it keeps everything organized. Plus, with 7 individual trays when I do leave the house to take care of things I just take the meds I need for that day. Easy reminder too. Takes 10 seconds to set up and it’s done. God bless." Nancy

    "My sister is always traveling for work and she needed a weekly system that was compact yet could still be modular in the sense that it would breakdown for daily use as well. The SlidePro fits the bill perfectly." Evan

    "Great reminder. I’m 72 and very disconnected with technology. I was nervous about setting it up properly but the guide in the Help section of the website made it very very easy. The unit is also very simple to use and if I miss a pill I can easily see that before it’s too late. Thank you for everything and relieving my worry." Diana

By: RxPerfect



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