Why RxPerfect

The coming together of technology and pill management systems create
solutions that drive up the rate of prescription and vitamin adherence 78 to 95 percent leading to longer, healthier life; while also promoting independence and peace of mind living.
Why We Are Here

The notion is simple yet so fundamental; the daily regimen of taking prescriptions, over-the-counter medication, supplements and vitamins perfectly as prescribed and directed is complicated. When factoring in all the elements and moments in your life it's easy to forget. Furthering prescription and vitamin adherence through research then education and offering solutions to the public derived from that research is what motivates us. We are here to help. The medications you or a loved one take are developed by some of the most gifted doctors in medicine and taking those medications perfectly is vital to health. At RxPerfect we believe strongly in "Perfect Dose. Perfect Health." This has been driven from research and the proven correlation between quality of life and perfect dosing adherence. We are here to make it simple that you or your loved ones' prescriptions, over-the-counter medication, supplements and vitamins are taken correctly; yielding the best possible results for long healthy life.

You & Your Loved One

Just like you, we understand that as you get older you worry more about your health. We understand your need to feel independent and loved by those closest to you. We also know many of you are here because you care about someone close and understand the fear and tension that comes with not knowing if that person is adhering properly to their medication regimen. Being in the room when someone remembers that they forgot to take their medication or when they are not sure if they have taken their dose or not can be an anxiety filled moment. You are not alone. Studies show that only 25% to 50% of medications are taken correctly. Prescriptions, over-the-counter medicine, supplements and vitamins offer life-saving rewards when taken intelligently. Talking to your pharmacist about all of your medications plus adding an RxPerfect reminder designed for your specific needs will ease concern and increase quality of life.

Medication Nonadherence

Every year one billion prescriptions are taken incorrectly, with medication nonadherence causing millions of avoidable hospital visits each year. RxPerfect exists to educate the public about the dangers of medication nonadherence and offer solutions to make sure you are taking prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, supplements and vitamins intelligently. While we strongly recommend having regular conversations with your pharmacist research from major non-profit groups also show a 4 to 10 times increase in health when medication regimens are followed as prescribed; an easily achievable goal with the correct reminder based on your dosing schedule, age, activity level, hearing and notification preference.

For peace of mind and better health;
"Be Smart. Be Safe." - Erik S. Solvell, Founder & President | RxPerfect.com