• SlideBox has been designed for those on a moderate to high complex dosing schedule but is flexible enough to be used in a wide range of regimens. The up to 37 daily auditory alarms are set either on the hour or half-hour with the attached 7 compartment pill box allowing patients the ability to fill their med device weekly or daily depending on the need. If a dose is not taken the “Missed Pill” message will appear giving the patient a visual indicator to further their medication adherence. Live a better life by having SlideBox help you in taking your prescriptions, supplements and vitamins as prescribed.

    Note: For those on a heavy and complex dosing schedule the attached pill box can be filled daily. Our SlidePro solution found HERE is also very popular with patients who take a high volume of prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, supplements, and/or vitamins.

    Be Smart. Be Safe.

    • Up to 37 daily auditory alarms
    • 'Missed Pill' indicator
    • Attached 7 compartment pill box
      - For weekly or daily use
    • Medical ID cover card
    • Batteries included
    • Usually ships next business day
    • 30 day money back & 1 year warranty
  • "The reminder and pill box are an excellent way to help me stay on track. Due to my blood pressure I’m on a slightly heavy medication schedule taking both prescriptions and OTC pills. Because I am a mom and need to drive my twin boys everywhere, the fact that I can load a weeks worth of pills at a time and that it’s always attached to the reminder is just ideal. It’s truly saving my life." Caitlin

    "I have to take A LOT of prescriptions and supplements due to my condition and diet but this little guy allows me to throw what I need for the day in my bag and it takes care of the rest. I'm finally taking ALL of my pills and my doctor is seeing my numbers improving for the first time in a while. GODSEND! Thanks guys!!" Kat

    "My mom gets over whelmed sometimes with tech stuff and needed a simple solution. The clear cover just helps her relax about taking her pills. If she wants to she can quickly just look at the cover and see what time the reminder will go off so she can focus of the rest of her life." Robbie

By: RxPerfect

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