• SlideMag has been designed for those on a simple medication schedule wanting a stay-at-home solution. The up to 37 daily auditory alarms are set either on the hour or half-hour with a strong magnet adhered to the back of the device. This allows patients to secure their reminder to their refrigerator and as a result, have their reminder in a central location within their home. If a dose is not taken the “Missed Pill” message will appear giving the patient a visual indicator to further their medication adherence. Helps you live long and healthy by making sure you never forget to take your prescriptions, supplements or vitamins.

    Note: Due to SlideMag not containing an attached pill management system we recommend this device only for individuals living in a structured at-home environment.

    Be Smart. Be Safe.

    • Up to 37 daily auditory alarms
    • 'Missed Pill' indicator
    • Magnetic backing
    • Medical ID cover card
    • Batteries included
    • Usually ships next business day
    • 30 day money back & 1 year warranty
  • "Smart. Sticks on the fridge and since my medication requires me take it with food it’s always in the best location in the house. That and the fact that I never lose it. The missed pill memo is a neat feature too since sometimes I’m out of the house when it goes off and when I get back a can easily see I missed a dose." Dennis

    "My father is home a lot due to his age and because we’re on a tight budget the SlideMag does the trick as it just sticks to the fridge. Loud beep too so he can hear it wherever he is in the house. Life saver." Doug

    "Finally something I can’t lose and can hear. Like most homes the kitchen is the center of where everything happens for us. With it being right there I’ve now never missed a dose. Easy to take my meds too since the water and a glass is all right there." Laura

By: RxPerfect

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