• Station is a powerful lockable automatic pill dispenser with no monthly fees designed for at-home or institutional use. The removable Swedish designed tipper base coupled with an up to 4 daily alarm 28 event automatic pill dispenser gives patients and caregivers the maximum feeling of peace of mind and independence. The internal tray within the lockable pill dispenser rotates at medication time with both loud auditory and visual 30 minute alarms. Turning off the alarm occurs once the patient tips the system to dispense their medication. The included tipper makes it effortless for those with arthritis and dexterity pain while the adhesive feet ensure the station is always in a consistent location. If you need to travel or be away from your central location the lockable automatic dispenser twists off from the tipper base allowing you to bring just the dispenser with you. Save an average of $5,400 per year in preventable healthcare costs with Station while creating a healthy, independent lifestyle for you or a loved one.

    Be Smart. Be Safe.

    • Up to 4 daily auditory alarms synced with visual indicator
    • Detachable tipper system
    • 28 compartment medication tray
    • Long 30 minute alarm duration
    • 4 dosage templates
    • 2 keys
    • Stainless steel dosing cup
    • Clean Swedish design
    • 6 month Battery Life (batteries included)
    • Usually ships next business day
    • 30 day money back & 1 year warranty
  • "I bought this for my mom because she never uses technology and I was worried about her taking her medications on time and even double dosing. All she needs to do is tip the Station when it beeps and flashes and it takes care of the rest. Couldn't be simpler." Rebecca

    "My father has dementia and all other lockable medication reminders available were not an option due to him losing his other pill boxes and wouldn't hear the reminder beep. The combination of the visual and beep alarm along with the adhesive feet so the station is always in the same place is exactly what we both needed." Alex

    "I have been looking around for products that my son would have no problem using. He has lost his other reminders along with his pill box and vial often but with the Station's sticky feet it's impossible for him to move it. The tray also allows me to only have think about Ethan's medication once a month rather than needing to worry every day." Lydia

By: RxPerfect

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