TimeCap & Bottle

  • TimeCap and the included pill bottle have been designed as a per-prescription & per-vitamin reminder offering up to 24 on-the-hour auditory and visual alarms. The display indicates in large digits the day of the week along with the time of when you last took your dose. This reminder is ideal for those who just forget but is also great for live-in family members who need to be aware of the exact day and time their loved one last medicated. Live healthier and increase peace of mind through avoiding prescriptions, supplement, and vitamin errors.

    Note: For safety; doctors, nurses and pharmacists all strongly recommend using one and only one TimeCap & bottle per-prescription and per-vitamin. We see patients purchase multiple TimeCaps with the included pill container every day to insure they live longer, healthier lives by always being on a perfect dosing schedule.

    Be Smart. Be Safe.

    • Up to 24 on-the-hour daily auditory and visual alarms
    • Time indicating when last dose was taken
    • Included bottle to go along with the TimeCap
    • Batteries included
    • Usually ships next business day
    • 30 day money back & 1 year warranty
  • "I take 4 pills a day, 2 prescriptions and 2 vitamins. Since I have to take them in the mornings before work but at different times I usually forget since I’m focused on getting my kids breakfast and off to school. Finally after a year I got serious about my routine and bought 4 TimeCaps. The alarm is great but the “Last Opened” indicator is perfect so I don’t double dose on 1 of the meds while skipping a dose on the other." Carrie

    "I was worried about my wife because I knew she was double dosing but we still wanted each of her medications in their own container. We picked up 3 TimeCaps and just transferred the pills over to the included bottles. It’s a great setup since I’m now able to keep an eye on all of her meds individually by just looking at the top of the caps. Days of double dosing and missing a dose plus all the anxieties that comes with it are instantly gone." Chuck

    "I only take 1 pill a day but even then I would forget and often times not remember if I had taken it so I would take another one. My pharmacist recommended I use the TimeCap not only to help me remember to take my prescription but also so I would stop double dosing which he told me would lead to complications. Since the reminder has a built-in alarm and tells you when you last took your med you stop double dosing. All my concerns have gone out the window." Erin

By: RxPerfect

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